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Screensaver Passwords and ZENworks Policies

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Posted: 13 Feb 2001

Current version: ZENworks for Desktops 3

Would you like your users to be able to use the same password on the network and in the screen saver? As you may have discovered, there are no password change options on User Policy | Desktop Preferences | Display | Screen Saver page. So you can't change the screen saver password in User Policy Package, Desktop Preferences Policy.

Here's how you do it:

  1. Open registry with REGEDIT.EXE
  2. Search for PwdProvider
  3. Look in "NWPASSWD" and copy the value "ProviderPath", should be :\windows\system\nwpasswd.dll", to "SCRSAVE" and "ProviderPath"
  4. Create a binary value under SCRSAVE named "UseMasterKey" with the value 01 00 00 00.This allows the screen saver to call the same dll that the regular client use. No password will be stored on local disk.

Note: This also means that if you are not connected to the network there will NOT be any password on the screensaver.

For more information see TID 10011831

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