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Scheduling a Force Run

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Posted: 28 Feb 2001

Version: ZENworks for Desktops 2

Some readers are running into a problem setting up the Force Run properly. If you do it wrong, an application set to Force Run will run immediately despite a set schedule. For example, you might set the application object to Force Run, but there is a schedule set (Range of Days) within which the application is supposed to run, and the time is set to only run between 3-4 pm.

The "Range of Days" schedule is sometimes misunderstood. When Range of Days is selected and a time is established then the application will automatically run if the beginning day in the range is already past.

If the beginning date is already past then the application can be automatically because it considers the beginning date and beginning time and the ending date and ending time as the requirements for launching. Any time in between those is just a spread time by which the application launcher will run them as soon as possible.

If this is happening to you and causing you grief, use the "Specified Days" option. Using this schedule the application will use the logic "If this day or this day... AND between these times, then DO"

For more information, see TID 10056234

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