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Policy-Based Management of Mobile Phones

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By Marcus Williamson

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Posted: 13 Mar 2001

Current Version: ZENworks for Desktops 3

If you're like most companies with lots of mobile workers, you are grappling with how to keep track of all those cellphones you've issued. Come see this new AppNote that shows you how to set up corporate management of cell phones via NDS, including:

  • Asset Register
  • Zero Day Start
  • Policy-Based Management
  • Messaging

It brings management to cellphones in a similar way to what "ZENworks for Desktops" did for the PC environment. In fact, it could even be called "ZENworks for Cellphones."

Don't miss this AppNote.

Q&A About this Article

Jim Dixon


I read about your cellphone policy management. I have a question. If you can download the company phone directory and/or e-mail addresses into the phone so that you can e-mail a message to another phone or respond to one sent using SMS, then how are you addressing the limitations of the phones storing the numbers/addresses?

I mean my phone only stores so many numbers. My previous phone only stored about 70 numbers. Phone memory differs with models. Wouldn't this be a headache for the admin who has to program these phones? For instance, I have to program the phones for 100 people but I have to add 500 numbers to each phone. Would I then make a judgement call and say ok. Let me setup a PHONE GROUP for this individual or make this individual part of a phone group so that I can then just download the necessary departmental numbers (<=100 or so)?

What are your thoughts/suggestions for this problem?


Marcus said: Thanks for your question about the Mobile Phone Policy Manager software. Mobile phone addressbook updating is handled using standard Novell groups, into which frequently-used contacts are entered as members. The MPPM software then extracts the phone numbers for all the contacts listed in the group.

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