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Imaging NT Workstations

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By Paul Pedron

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Posted: 3 Apr 2001

Current version: ZENworks for Desktops 3

There was a question in the Q&A section a few weeks ago as follows:

When imaging an NT workstation using ZFD3, how do you get the newly imaged workstation into the domain? This is a purely NT-only environment.

Our solution to this problem is:

  • All our workstations have asset tag numbers (unique).
  • Our workstations are imported with the Asset Tag as the name.
  • Our image workstation for NT is "A0".
  • We add this "A0" workstation into the domain with Server Manager.
  • Our recipient of that workstation image will come out as "A0".
  • We know ahead of time the names of the workstations to be imaged and put them into the domain with Server Manager.
  • Then we can image the machine and then log into the domain as "A0" and then change the computer name to the Asset Tag previously put into the domain with Server Manager.

The only prep is knowing ahead of time the name of the Computer and putting them into the domain with Server Manager prior to the casting.

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