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Changing IP Address/Server Name on Multiple NW6 servers

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By Greg Johnson

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Posted: 19 Dec 2002

We're in the process of rolling out all new hardware on a new backbone. I was tasked to create a NetWare 6 image that will go on our new DS Master servers. I created an image that is pretty plain since no users will be using these. The only products I installed were iPrint/NDPS and FTP. Since this image will be going on 25+ servers, I needed a way to simplify that process. I used this article from NetWare Cool Solutions to identify the config files I needed to change based on my image.

From this, I created an NCF file that I used to assist in pushing out my config changes. Once I had the NW6 server in the tree, I used pkidiag /fix to create the SAS and SSL Certificate objects. (Note: It is important to ensure time is in synch and everything is synched up prior to running pkidiag /fix or you will get a -603 error.)

Once this was done, I used the NCF file I created to copy out the files I needed for my server name changes and IP address changes then rebooted the server. Once the server was rebooted, I was able to access port 8009 and asked to accept a certificate. I have attached a copy of the NCF file I created to help push out the config files. The NCF file does not include the hosts or hostname file.

Download NCF file.

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