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Capture LPT Ports for NDPS Printing

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By Mike Sherer

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Posted: 13 Jan 2003

If you are using NDPS for printing, and you have Windows NT4/2000/XP clients that need to capture LPT ports to print from older applications, you are told by Novell to capture these LPT ports to a traditional print queue, and associate the traditional print queue with an NDPS printer. See bottom of TID 10028007 for details.

Here's a better way. One of Novell's partners, A.N.D. Technologies, has developed a small piece of software that allows Windows NT4/2000/XP users to capture LPT ports and print to NDPS printers. This very small (48KB) application sits on the system tray and allows LPT port capturing to any installed printer including NDPS printers. The software is available at:

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