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Deleting Student Users after Graduation

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By Don Johnston

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Posted: 21 Jun 2001

Version: ZENworks for Desktops 3

I sympathize with the user who asked the question below and I have a tip for them for deleting users easily.

Mahlon C. wrote: I work for an educational organization. It seems ridiculous that we have to spend dozens of man hours to create hundreds of new users just so we can accommodate new students every trimester. Not to mention manually deleting users (students who graduated) that no longer need access to our network.

Is there a tool or utility that will allow us to import a text file (names of users)into our novell server? And also one that allows us to mass delete old users?

The answer you gave was to import from an LDIF text file. But most of us don't have any source for a LDIF text file. What little documentation there is hasn't made it possible to figure out how to make one from scratch. We continue to use Uimport because we really don't have any other choice. Current Administration classes do not make even a mention of LDIF text files or importing users like they used to when Uimport was the tool.

Here's how we handle the problem of deleting users in an education institution. We use a 2-digit graduation year at the start of the user name. For instance for 2001: 01SmithDon. What we actually use is the student's individual ID number preceded by the year of graduation 01945876. This way it is easy to select all of the class of 01 and delete them in one step.


Stephen Cabiroy

I have a different solution for "Deleting Student Users after Graduation". All students are created in a context based on their graduation year (this past group is ou=2001) with their graduation date set as the expiration date to lock their account. I don't delete accounts until October to allow for the retention of those that didn't graduate. In October just select the contents of the container and delete. The same scheme is set for their home directories \users\2001\%HOME_DIRECTORY

As far as importing a new group, a text file and EuiMU from will help you out.

If you have any questions you may contact Stephen at

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