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ZENworks for Servers 2 Management and Monitoring Utility

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Posted: 7 Dec 2001

Current Version: ZENworks for Servers 2

This utility will do the following:

  • Synchronize database password with the one stored in NDS.
  • Extend the schema if it is not extended properly by install. (You should be logged in to NDS with sufficient rights.)
  • Populate the default profiles, if not populated by install.
  • Correct the problem of loading of service manager before Naming service is loaded properly.
  • Fix some issues in loading of X-GUI on the server.


To download this file, see TID 2960724


  1. Kill all the java services on the server(java -killall). Make sure when you type java -show on the Server Prompt you see a blank line.
  2. Make sure that the database is up and running. (Type mgmtdbs on the server prompt.)
  3. Copy naming.ncf to sys\System directory on the Server.
  4. Copy the following files to the ConsoleOne location where you run it from:
    • Upgrade.jar to ConsoleOne\1.2\Snapins\mw directory
    • Copy rbsinstall.jar to ConsoleOne\1.2\lib\mw directory.
  5. Copy the following files on the NetWare server:
    • MwUtility.jar (ZFS\MWServer\mwlib)
    • lego.jar (ZFS\lib\mw)
  6. Start ConsoleOne on the Client machine.
  7. Select the Root Container or Context in the NDS NameSpace From ConsoleOne.
  8. Go to Tools -> Consolidated Upgrade Utility MenuItem.
  9. Start all the services on the server.
  10. Verify if everything is working fine.

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