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Limiting Imaging Actions to Specific Workstations

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Posted: 7 Dec 2001

Current Version: ZENworks for Desktops 3.2

Admins in most large networks have authority over some workstations but not all. Some of our readers are worried about how to limit the individual admin's ability to push images to machines outside their authority. They fear that a machine configured to use PXE could be recognized as a new device and get an image from ZfD, even though it should not.

Not to worry. Simply make sure that the ZENworks Imaging Service component of the Novell Client is installed on all workstations.

The ZENworks Imaging Service will stash the "ZENworks Image Safe Data" (ZISD) on the local hard disk. This lives in a boot sector, so it remains even after partitioning. The ZISD contains the workstation ID and its trusted tree, which Preboot Services uses to determine whether to process a general imaging policy (set in the server policy package's Image Selection rules). If the workstation has a ZISD identity, it will not process any imaging actions unless they are assigned to that specific workstation.

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