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Force a Manual Refresh of NAL

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Posted: 7 Dec 2001

Posted on 7 Dec 2001
Current version: ZENworks for Desktops 3.2

We asked the folks who deliver the ZENworks for Desktops 3 Advanced Technical Training (ATT) if they could share a few exclusive tips with us from the training they present, and they graciously agreed, and sent us several goodies like this.

Need to force a manual refresh of NAL/NALEXPLD? Here's a nifty trick.

In your consoleone\1.2\lib\zen directory you will find an AUTORUN.EXE. This is what is used when creating a Virtual Application CD. However, you can use it to force a manual refresh of NAL/NALEXPLD. The autorun just sets timed refresh on, sets the time to 0, which subsequently forces an immediate refresh. Then the refresh rereads the Launcher Config settings which will reset your timed refresh to the settings you previously had set.

Hint: This could be useful in a Post Distribution Script. Let's say App2 has a system requirement for App1. So App1 distributes, then when do you get App2? On the next refresh. You could force that refresh with AUTORUN in the post-distribution script of App1.

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