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Configuring Application Reporting

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Posted: 27 Dec 2001

Current Version: ZENworks for Desktops 3.2

We've heard from a number of people who are baffled by how to configure a database object so they can take advantage of Application Reporting. Here is how you do it.

For more info, see TID 10057066

To use the Application Launcher reporting with ZENworks for Desktops 3:

  1. Install the Sybase database during the ZfD 3 installation.
  2. Configure the ODBC Driver Information tab.

    In ConsoleOne, open the properties of the ZENworks Database object. On the ODBC Driver Information tab, carefully type the following information:

    Driver File Name: dbodbc6.dll
    Data Source Name: NAL Reporting
    Connection Parameters: CommLinks=TCPIP{Host=<IP>:2638};AutoStop=Yes;Integrated=No;DBN=NAL;ENG=<IP>

    Note: Replace <IP> with the IP Address of the server running Sybase. Click "OK" to save the ODBC driver information.

  3. Grant users specific, limited rights to the ZENworks database object.

    Right-click the ZENworks Database object and select Trustees of this Object. Add a trustee for [Public] or the container (or a parent container) of the users running the NAL applications. Assign the following rights:

    For [Entry Rights], grant Browse.

    Delete the entry for [All Attributes Rights] and add Read & Compare only for 3 specific property rights:

    Step 3 is not absolutely required, but if you don't restrict the Attribute Rights, the username and password for accessing the database will be exposed unnecessarily.

  4. Set up a Service Location Package (a type of Policy package).
    1. Highlight the desired container and select File > New > Policy Package from main ConsoleOne menu.
    2. Select "Service Location Package" and press Next.
    3. Give the package a name.
    4. Check "Define Additional Properties" and press Finish.
    5. Enable the ZENworks Database policy and click Properties.
    6. On the Database Location tab, browse for the ZENworks Database object.
    7. Click "OK" to save the DN.
    8. On the Associations tab of the Package, associate the service location package with the container where your user objects are located.
    Note: There can be only one Service Location Policy per container.
  5. Enable reporting on desired application objects and select events to store in database (Common > Reporting page of application objects). If you also want to log events to a file, specify the path to the log file, including the filename and extension, if desired.

Now you are ready to test the database reporting capabilities of ZENworks Application Management. Launch a few applications to make some entries into the database. Using the included canned reports, view the events logged to the database. To view the canned reports, right-click on the NDS database object and select Reporting. Choose an available ZENworks NAL Report and choose an Event Type. Click 'Run Selected Report'. With the database schema definition you can use 3rd party reporting tools to view and report on the database, as well.

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