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Patch Helps Install MSI Apps on NT Workstations

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Posted: 4 Jan 2002

Current version: ZENworks for Desktops 3.2

If you have NT workstations, check out this new patch. The ZENAPP32.DLL included in this patch resolves the issue of MSI applications not completely installing on NT workstations with restricted users.

It seems that some people were experiencing MSI error 1604 on NT workstations at the end of an install. During the installation, files would be copied to the workstation, however, after the reboot, all the files were removed and the MSI package would not be installed.

Here's the fix.


Make a backup copy of SYS:\PUBLIC\ZENAPP32.DLL. Then copy the file structure from the PUBLIC directory in this patch to SYS:\PUBLIC on the server. ZENAPP32.DLL will be copied to the following locations:


The next time NAL.EXE or NALEXPLD.EXE is run on the workstations, it will be updated with the new file. If the file is not being updated correctly on workstations with Users that have limited rights, refer to TID 10064727 for instructions on creating a custom action to run NALNTSRV -INSTALL START. This command line will update the ZENAPP32.DLL in a System Scope by Workstation Manager if configured to run with an Impersonation as "Unsecure System User" or "System User".

If needed, the backup copy of ZENAPP32.DLL can be restored by copying it back into the locations listed above.


To download the patch, see TID 2961128

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