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Interrupting ARCserve

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By Dave Calhoun

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Posted: 28 Jan 2003

We had a problem with ARCserve hanging on a NetWare server while running a job. After bouncing the server, ARCserve starts up and kicks off the job again and once again hangs the server. Attempting to stop the job causes an abend so how do you set the job not to run?

One work-around is to navigate to your server's sys\system folder and find the folder with a .QDR extension. ie: ServerName:\SYSTEM\6BA90000.QDR\A96B0001.Q

Rename the file that has the .Q extension and then bounce the server.

When ARCserve kicks off it will not find the job and give you the chance to make whatever changes you need to fix the underlying problem.

Other Suggestions

You can also force ARCserve to load in inactive mode by modyfying sys:\arcserve.6\asconfig.ini file. Add ''-I'' switch to the line which loads arcserve.nlm .


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