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Posted: 28 Jan 2002

Version: ZENworks for Servers 2

Heads Up: if you upgraded to ZENworks for Servers 2 from ManageWise 2.7, here's a patch that you should know about. This patch requires ZFS2SP1A.EXE and ZFS2JVM.EXE. This patch contains updated jar files that resolve an issue with Interpreter.class that works in conjunction with NDSTRAP.MIB. This file replaces ZS2NDST.EXE.

The issue was that if you upgraded to ZfS2 from ManageWise 2.7, you will have NDSTRAP.MIB from the ManageWise 2.7 product. However, ManageWise 2.7 NDSTRAP.MIB cannot be used with ZfS 2.0. Apply this patch and all will be well.


To get more info and download the patch, see TID 2961119

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