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Imaging and SysPrep

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Sande Nissen

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Posted: 20 Mar 2002

In a recent Q&A you published this information:

LP wrote: Does anyone know of a utility that will allow a workstation to be registered automatically to an NT domain after it has been imaged? We are working on a concept lab for a potential 90,000 desktop ZfD3.2 rollout and it is key for the imaging process to be non-interactive. At the moment we can only place the workstation in a workgroup (standard imaging) but domains are key.

Pre-create the workstations in the domain and populate using an app object and reboot.

My comment:
I believe the free Microsoft utility SysPrep 1.1 will do this. In fact, I thought I'd seen a reference to SysPrep in the ZENworks imaging documentation. If you are imaging any NT or 2000 or XP workstations, you want to use SysPrep, regardless of what other tools you use. If you don't use SysPrep, you may be denied technical support from some vendors unless you lie about having imaged the workstation.

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