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Posted: 14 Sep 2000

Here are some Licensing tips from Licensing geeks.

  1. This one came from a Licencing tester:
    NLS is dependant on DS being up and synched. You need to allow the server to fully come up and synch before doing any NLS operations. You should use DSREPAIR.NLM to ensure the DS is in SYNC. You should then run a REPAIR local database with the repair operational schema option on. Do this until you get no errors.
  2. You must always remember this. Always check DS first before tinkering with NLS. Make sure the server that is complaining is in SYNC with any other DS servers. If it is a one server tree, give it time. Don't jump in and start to change things. This is precisely why we have pulled a lot of NLS functionality out of DS. The NLS team has turned off many of those NLS messages as they are an annoyance and do not fully illustrate what is going on.

  3. This came from a licencing developer:
    Get the latest CLIB patch from support.
  4. These are comments from another tester:
    Licensing also goes through CLIB today. It is my understanding that Licencing will be using DCLIENT in SP1 for 5.1 and SP5 for NW5 (so then CLIB rev wouldn't matter as much - I think). I know one of our mixed trees in the lab ie Linux, Netware, NT comes up and fixes the problem of everybody trying to sync at the same time without getting policy manager errors until the tree settles down this is fixed in build.512 of SP1 for 5.1 that we are currently testing). The work around to this was to bring the master up first and then everything else (then you would be insync in 10 minutes).

In summary

  1. Make sure your tree is in sync first
  2. Get the latest CLIB from the web (Already in SP5 for nw5 and SP1 for 5.1)
  3. Licencing is getting even better in future versions

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