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Resetting MS Office XP Autocorrect List with ZENworks

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By Chris Gotstein

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Posted: 2 Apr 2002

Current Version: ZENworks for Desktops 3.2

Students were adding words to the autocorrect as you type feature in MS Word XP. So when the next student sat down and typed "the", a different, vulgar word would replace it. To solve this problem I used ZENworks to delete the config file everytime a student logged on. The file that needs to be deleted is located in the c:\windows\application data\microsoft\office\ on Windows 9x and is called mso1033.acl. If you delete the file, Word will recreate it with the default settings. I setup ZfD to force run an app that will delete this file. Now when students try to change words, the file is reset every time another logs in.

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