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Delivering the Morning News with ZENworks

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By Oliver Nikoloski

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Posted: 1 Apr 2002

This info-distribution tip comes to us from way down under. Oliver Nikoloski (our tipster) works for Swan District Hospital in Perth, Western Australia where he figured out how to use ZENworks to deliver electronic news to workstations every morning. Here's how:

The Challenge:
We needed a way to display a pop-up box "The Message of the Day" for our users at startup. We wanted the users to read the message and then be able to close the window.

The Means:
To do this, we Force Ran a NAL application using ZENworks which executes WordPad with the file that holds the news. In our case, "MsgOfTheDay.WRI". This can be done with any version of ZENworks and any NOS. It's a neat way to keep staff and users up-to-date with current events that are displayed at the beginning of each workday.

The Next Step:
We've now taken this idea a little further and instead of using WordPad, we're using a small executable HTML viewer, giving us the ability to add custom buttons (which in our case simply takes users to another HTML file). Now we're able to display multimedia and graphic files with our morning news.

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