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Timestamps and McAfee NetShield

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By Andrew Hill

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Posted: 15 Apr 2002

If you're using McAfee Netshield 4.6, watch out for an issue that causes file modified time stamps to be updated during an on-access scan. We ran into the issue on NetWare 6, but it probably affects all platforms. This can cause problems for an application like NALEXPLD when it goes to compare timestamps on workstations with those on the server as part of the update process.

The fix is to disable the session stamp feature, as follows:

  1. From the workstation where the NetShield console is installed, browse to "C:\Program Files\Network Associates\McAfee Netshield for NetWare"
  2. Launch MCREGEDT.EXE
  3. Select 'Registry > Connect Network Registry' and connect to desired server
  4. Browse to "SOFTWARE\McAfee\VirusScan\McShield\CurrentVersion"
  5. Add a DWord value where the Value Name is "bDisableSessionStamp" and Value Data = "1"
  6. Unload and reload NetShield on the server

Q&A About this Article

Q: Good tip. Does this need to be done on each server running NetShield? Any way to do say ... 200 servers at once?

A: Yes, you can actually copy the netshld.reg file from the Netshield directory and apply it to multiple servers, as long as all your other settings are the same. We did this when we installed the product, to get all of our preferred settings on all the boxes.

Other than this, I'm not aware of any other methods for making this change en masse.

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