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Customizing Software Inventory Scan with SWRules.ini

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By Martin Buckley

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Posted: 30 Apr 2002

Current version: ZENworks for Desktops 3.2

If you are trying to customize software inventory scan in ZfD 3.2, here's a little tip.

The ZfD3.2 inventory scanner will pick up all correctly written Win32 applications - there is no need to populate anything with a list of specific apps you're looking for.

However, you may need to populate the swrules.ini.


There is a file in public\zenworks directory called SWRules.ini. The purpose of this file is to group the applications according to a vendor or a product.

For example, various applications from Novell have various names like

  • Novell, Inc
  • Novell Incorporated
  • Novell
  • Novell,Inc.
as their Vendor Name in the exe header.

Now we all know that they are not different vendors but the same vendor (ie, Novell Incorporated), so to group all these applications under the same vendor you just have to make the following entries in the SWRules.ini:

  • Novell, Inc =Novell Incorporated
  • Novell=Novell Incorporated
  • Novell Corporation=Novell Incorporated
  • Novell Corp=Novell Incorporated

Similarly we can do the same to classify the products. You can also use this file to remove a vendor or product from the display or scans. If you put Novell Incorporated=null vendor Novell Incorporated will not be stored in the database and hence won't be displayed. The same story holds good for the product also.

Check out this example: SWRules.ini

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