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Remote Operator Wizard Fix

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Posted: 28 May 2002

Versions: ZfD 3.0 and ZfD 3.2

Heads Up: if you have run into the problem where the Remote Operator Wizard won't accept containers with the same name, check this out. There is an updated DesktopSnapins.jar file dated 6 May 2002 which fixes the issue. The 6 May 2002 DesktopSnapins.jar file can be used with ZFD3.0 and ZFD3.2 and will be included in the next beta patch for ZFD3.2.

Just shut down ConsoleOne, copy the DesktopSnapins.jar file dated 6 May 2002 to the public\mgmt\ConsoleOne\1.2\snapins\zen and re-start ConsoleOne.

To download the patch, see TID 2962650

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