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Contextless Login Bug and Workaround

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By Mark Saunders

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Posted: 11 Feb 2003

I finally patched my 5.0 box with service pack 6 the other day. Contextless login went south. I found the file, and applied it to the affected machines (mostly Win 2000).

It solved my Contextless Login problem, but I discovered a bug and thought it might be useful to know.


If you use P_STATION in your login script, the value will ALWAYS be 1 unless you're an administrator on the local windows machine.

If you're an admin, the value will be correct.

First I tried switching to using the %NETWORK variable for conditional login script commands. But using the %NETWORK variable only lasted about a day. I logged in the following day, only to find that the %NETWORK variable was picking up something on one of my hosts, but I can't begin to imagine what.

So, I resolved the problem this way: use the %COMUTERNAME variable instead.

My Terminal Servers are happy with this.

For example,


<the rest of the script>

Hope this helps!

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