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Wake-up On LAN

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By Aaron Medley

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Posted: 2 Aug 2002

Here's how I got Wake up On Lan (WuOL) to work. I could not get the WuOL feature to work for the longest time. We use mostly Dell Optiplex PCs with 3COM integrated NICs in them. I would enable the WuOL in the BIOS but could not get the machine to respond from ConsoleOne.

I went to Dell's "Dell Talk" website forum and posted a message asking for help with this problem. A couple of users pointed me in the right direction. It seems that a certain driver (A12) is needed for the NIC which can be downloaded from the Dell website. The actual file to download is R41703.EXE. After downloading and installing the driver I went into the properties of the NIC and set the RWU Magic Pkt to enabled and it worked!

I can now wake up the PCs and work on them when I have to.

Side Note: setting the standby wake up to Disabled will keep the PC from going to stand-by mode. This in itself is no big deal as the PC just restarts and sits at the login prompt. I have used this on Optiplex 200 & 240 workstations running Windows 2000 and XP Pro so far with no problems.

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