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Adding Additional Drivers to a Bootable CD

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By Jeffrey D. Sessler

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Posted: 22 Aug 2002

(NEW: Jeffrey has shared the files he used in this solution. See Updates.)

An article was recently published about Adding an Imaging Driver, but I have found that method is very cumbersome. Here is an easier and alternate method using the Intel 1000 as an example:

  1. Download and install WinISO from
  2. Using WinISO open a copy of the bootcd.iso from your sys:public\zenworks\imaging directory.

  3. Using the ZEN imaging boot disk creator, click on the "add linux drivers", add in the pro 1000.

  4. Put in a blank floppy and click on the "copy drivers".
    This will place a directory structure on the disk that we will then copy into the bootcd.iso.

  5. Edit the driver.conf in the "drivers" directory on the floppy you just created and add the following line:
    insmod -f $MODPATH/net/e1000.o > /dev/null 2>&1

  6. Close and save the driver.conf.

  7. Next, select the contents of the disk and drag it over the WinISO window which should list the contents of the bootcd.ISO image.

  8. Next, drag a "settings.txt" file into the WinISO window. The settings.txt file can be either the default from sys:public\zenworks\imaging or your own customized version.

  9. Next, click "SAVE" and WinISO will write the changes out to the bootcd.ISO file.
    NOTE: don't use "Save as.." because it will prevent the CD from booting.

  10. Once saved, close WinISO and use your favorite CD burning software (I use Nero) to burn the ISO image back to a CD.

Once completed, you will have a bootable CD which will work with the Intel 1000 cards. In our case it was created to support the Dell GX260 computer with built-in Intel 1000.


I've had many requests for the e1000.o driver I used as an example in the Tip. You can download the following from me -- you should have the "k" patch installed as this is the only patch I've tested these with:

Pre-built ISO image that has the pro 1000 driver. You can use Nero or other CD software to burn it:

Modified "linux.2" file from the sys:\tftp for PXE booting. Unzip any copy over older version.

Boot disks. Here is my disk 4 with the Intel driver on it. Unzip it to a floppy. Use the ZEN imaging boot disk creator to create the first three disks making sure to check the "load additional Linux drivers... prompt for disk". Once you boot from the three disks it will ask for the additional drivers. Insert this disk.

If you have any questions you may contact Jeff at

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