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Distributing the Proxy to Companion PCs with ZfD

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Posted: 23 Jan 2003

Because Handhelds are often personal purchases, many IT departments are not sure how many Handhelds exist in their environment. Since the Handhelds typically access and store corporate-owned content, they represent a weak point in the corporate security policy. For convenience, many individuals do not set a power-on password on their device, which further opens the potential security breach.

To counter this phenomenon, ZfH can lock down the devices, ensure a uniform security policy is enforced and inventory the devices for security reporting. So how do you determine the number of devices in use? And, how do you get the ZfH Client software installed to the devices? The Proxy component of ZfH can automatically install the ZfH Sync Client to the device, but how do you get the Proxy installed to the Companion PCs?

The answer is ZENworks for Desktops, of course! Using the Proxy Setup routine with a minus S option (setup.exe -s), you can silently install the Proxy to the Companion PC (no user intervention required). When the user synchs the handheld, voila, a manageable environment for handhelds!

See this section of the documentation for complete instructions about Installing the ZfH Proxy Service Using a ZENworks for Desktops Silent Install.

For more info about ZENworks for Handhelds, check out the ZENworks for Handhelds Resource Library.

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