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Installing the ZfH IP Client without ActiveSync

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Posted: 6 Jan 2003

With very little user interaction, you can distribute the ZfH IP Client via a web server. Here's how you do it.

If your environment does not require synchronizing the handhelds, but you wish to manage the handhelds with ZfH, you must install the ZfH IP Handheld Client. In a sync environment, the ZfH Sync Client can be automatically installed by the Proxy and ZfH can be utilized to install the ZfH IP Client. When no ActiveSync takes place, the ZfH IP Client must be installed by running the ZfH IP Client .CAB file. Once installed, the handheld will communicate with the Proxy (which can be installed to the same machine hosting the ZfH Server) via TCP/IP.

First stage the .CAB file to a web server. Then tell your Handheld users to do this:

  1. Use PocketIE to browse to the web server.
  2. Click the link pointing to the .CAB file, and PocketIE will prompt you to Open (default) or Save the file.
  3. Choose Open. Opening the .CAB file will auto-run and install the ZfH IP Handheld Client.

For information on generating the .CAB files and pre-configuring the .CAB files prior to distribution, please see Installing the ZfH IP Client.

For more info about ZENworks for Handhelds, check out the ZENworks for Handhelds Resource Library.

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