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Pushing Browser Settings

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By Paul Pedron

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Posted: 23 Jan 2003

Recently you published this Q&A:

Question: How can I push internet browser settings for Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator such as a proxy server setting with port 8080?

Answer: Simply create an application that distributes the proper registry settings. Just use regedit to search the corresponding keys and values.

I have another answer.

I have a PROXYIENS application which I ForceRun using ZEN.

For Internet Explorer:
Force the registry keys and remove the Connection Tab, Connection Wizard, AdvancedTab.

HKCU/Software/Policies/Microsoft/Internet Explorer/Control Panel

Then set the Proxy Settings in HKCU/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Internet Settings ProxyEnable, ProxyServer, ProxyOverride

For Netscape: Download the free Netscape Communicator Customization Kit (NSCCK) from Netscape. With this tool, create the .cfg file needed (encrypted so they cannot be changed) with all the settings. Through NSCCK, you can make it so the user CANNOT change settings you don't want them to change.

Package Registry for IE and netscape.cfg or Netscape and Cached, ForceRun every login.
The user cannot change proxy or exception settings in either browser.

Note: I published this for Netscape exclusively in October 2000. See


This registry file (proxyiens.reg) is the registry keys pushed out in the same app for IE. (prefs.js for Netscape

Download proxyiens.reg

If you have any questions you may contact Paul at

Other Suggestions

Dennis Smallwood NEW

Another simple way is to use a Group Policy to manage the setting for you. Under User Configuration->Windows Settings->Connection->Proxy Settings just set it there.

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