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Posted: 15 Jan 2003

A reader recently posted these suggestions for the ZfS documentation, and we thought you'd like to see them. They were written in response to the doc found at

There are a few items that aren't included in the docs that should be addressed. These items wouldn't come into play in normal circumstances, but I've encountered them in the field.

  1. First, ZfS makes extensive use of the loopback address (, loopback, lb, localhost) especially for connecting to the XMLRPC (ZWS Server). This usually isn't a problem unless the user modifies the file (which I have seen happen, so I think it's worth noting in the docs).
  2. Second, the user should check the hosts, hostname, and resovle.cfg files to make sure that the entries are correct. This also isn't normally a problem, unless the user modifies the file, or changes the IP address or DNS name of the server without also changing these files (in which case they will need to follow Novell's recommended procedure for this).
  3. Third, name resolution from the workstation is important, however, it is just as important from the server. If anything is improperly configured from the previous two steps, a workstation could resolve names correctly, but the server may not. It's important to ensure name resolution from the server's perspective.

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