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Automatic Shut Down

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Pornchai Petthaveeporndej

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Posted: 23 Jan 2003

I want to vouch for one of the tools in your Free Tools section.

My customer implemented ZfD 3.2 for policies and application distribution, using Win98. He asked me how to automatically cancel the shut down.

I told our customer to use the Automatic Shut Down Tool from Cool Solutions:

It works great!

About this tool

This tool is designed to shut down large numbers of workstations without cutting off users as they work. It can be scheduled to run whenever you need to shut down the machines. It gives users still at their machines thirty seconds in which to press a cancel button. If the button is not pressed the machine shuts down.

This tool only works in Windows 95/98. As it uses rundll.exe, it will only log out of Windows XP instead of shut down the workstation.

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