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Rolling out IE6 to NT Desktops, using ZfD 2

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By Frank Fitleberg

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Posted: 7 Feb 2003

Using ZENworks for Desktops 2 we had to roll out Internet Explorer 6 on all of our NT 4 desktops. The problem we faced was that the IE6 Installation forces a reboot on the workstation and then only finishes its install on the next login. Our desktops are "locked down", and the users have very limited rights, so they were unable to finish the install.

We used Microsoft IEAK to create our personalized setup and were able to push the IE6 setup as "secure user", but upon reboot we were stuck having to somehow give the users rights to finish the install.

Here's how we solved the problem:

  1. We created an NDS user Autoadmin, and associated it to a user profile with ADMIN privileges on the desktop.
  2. We created a ZEN App to push the IE setup, and in the App we included registry settings to force an AutoAdminLogon for both Novell and NT using our Autoadmin account (TID 10052847).
  3. We created a second App associated to our "AutoAdmin" user that removed the autologin registry settings, and forced a reboot.

We found this to be a "clean" solution, without having to change any of our user profiles to accomplish our task.

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