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ZfD 3 and 4: Peaceful Coexistence

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Posted: 7 Mar 2003

As you all know, ZfD 4 does not support the managing of Windows 95 or Windows 98 workstations. Windows 98SE, Windows NT, Windows 2000 Professional, and Windows XP Professional the supported platforms for the ZfD 4 Management Agent. However, many of you have a sprinkling of Win95 or 98 machines that still need to be managed by ZENworks for Desktops 3.x until they can be upgraded. Not to worry. They can coexist in the same environment in peace, so you can use ZfD 3.x to manage your older workstations, and use ZfD4 for everything else.

Here are some things to consider in a mixed environment:

NAL - With ZfD 4, NALWIN32 or NALDESK is launched from the local machine (usually from C:\Program Files\Novell\ZENworks). With ZfD 3.x, NAL.EXE or NALEXPLD.EXE was launched from the server. If you are going to launch NAL from the login script, ensure that every container's login script in your environment has built in logic to determine if the ZfD 4 agent exists or not and then run NAL from the appropriate location. This has been thoroughly discussed in the upgrade guide.

Even if you are only migrating one site at a time to ZfD 4, this login script change needs to happen everywhere at the beginning of the migration process to accompany roaming users.

Remote Management - Use the ZfD 4 console to control ZfD 3.x and ZfD 4 workstations (a workstation becomes a ZfD 4 workstation when the ZfD 4 Management Agent is installed).

Inventory - Even after migrating Inventory to ZfD 4, the ZfD 3.x clients can still run the scanner as they always have, and a ZfD 3.x formatted STR file will be created and sent to the server. The server has a STR Converter service to handle conversion to ZfD 4 format and then it will get stored in the database. Review the upgrade guide found on the ZfD 4 documentation website for specifics on how to perform this migration.

Policies - The ZfD 3.x workstations will read the same policies the ZfD 4 workstation will read (except the newly added ZfD 4 policies), except it will only look for attributes that were known in ZfD 3.x. This means that even though each workstation is reading the same policy, the ZfD 3.x workstations will be limited to the functionality of ZfD 3.x.

Imaging - Make sure you use the same boot disk version as the version on the backend. For example, if you upgrade the Imaging server to ZfD 4, make sure you use a ZfD 4 boot cd when invoking imaging manually.

Workstation Import - If the Import Service is upgraded to ZfD 4 on a server, the ZfD3x workstations will register in the same way and the ZfD 4 Import Service will import them. Both ZfD 3.x and ZfD 4 workstations can be imported by a ZfD 4 Import Server.

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