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Stopping the Forced Run on a Citrix server

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Posted: 9 Sep 2004

Update: Check out the new suggestion below.

Question: Jeff T. wrote: We are currently running a Citrix Metaframe 1.8 NT Terminal Server with the 4.6 Novell Client 32. This server does not have the exact configuration of our local workstations but we need it to still have Novell connectivity for our users and mirror their workstations as closely as possible. We are having problems with NAL and need to stop any 'Forced Run' snAppShots as some of these snAppShots have disabled our server or other software on the server. Is there a solution with ZEN 1.1 or the Novell Client 32 to stop the 'Force Run' on this one server?

Answer: Sorry, no.



We got another suggestion from an anonymous contributor via the Novell Feedback link.

Answer: I'm not sure if ZEN 1.1 supports availability settings, but if so this person could set a computername availability setting that hides the icon for any force-run app, then duplicate app objects that are both force run and required by the citrix server.

Ron Reece

Here's an oldie, but it does what you're looking for, since I don't think that the file existence check became available as part of the app object until 2.x:

Place a marker file on the Citrix server - call it something like noforce.txt.


#F:\public\exist.exe N:\wtsrv\noforce.txt
if ERROR_LEVEL="0" then begin
TERM "0"

If you have any questions you may contact Ron at


What we do in our environment is configure the application object requirements to check for the existence of a unique Citrix-based file called QSERVER.EXE which is in the c:\\system32. If it exists, the application distribution will not take place.

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