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Keep People from using the Send Message Option

Novell Cool Solutions: Tip
By Richard Benak

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Posted: 26 Mar 2003

Here's a nice tip for anyone who needs to keep some users (like students) from sending nasty messages via the "Send Message" option from the Novell system tray icon, but at the same time allows other users (like teachers) full access to that option.

SOLUTION: Make an application object that includes the registry settings you want. Have one for the students that hides the icons (or prevents the sending of messages) and one for the staff that opens it up for all utilities. The path is below and you can change the values from "yes" to "no" as you see fit. This is for a Win2k machine.


"Enable Scheduler Icon"="yes"
"Enable Systray Icon"="yes"
"Enable NetWare Copy Dialog"="yes"
"Enable Map Dialog"="yes"
"Enable Salvage Dialog"="yes"
"Enable Purge Dialog"="yes"
"Enable Trustee Rights Dialog"="yes"
"Enable Inherited Rights Dialog"="yes"
"Enable Send Message Dialog"="yes"
"Enable Send Message To Server Dialog"="no"
"Enable User Info"="yes"
"Enable NDS Personal Information"="yes"
"Enable NDS Work Information"="yes"
"Enable NDS Mailing Information"="yes"
"Modify Login Script"="yes"B "Enable Login Administration"="yes"
"Enable Password Administration"="yes"
"Enable Group Membership Dialog"="yes"
"Enable Browse To Dialog"="yes"
"Enable Login Dialog"="yes"
"Enable NetWare Connections Dialog"="yes"
"Enable Disconnect Dialog"="yes"
"Enable Capture Dialog"="yes"
"Enable End Capture Dialog"="yes"
"Enable NetWare Utilities"="yes"
"Enable Send Message To User Dialog"="yes"
"Enable Object Properties Dialog"="yes"
"Enable Systray Config Dialog"="yes"
"Enable Novell Client Help"="yes"
"Enable Novell Client Properties"="yes"
"Change Password"="yes"

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