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Deleting Volatile Users After Logoff

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By Dennis Box

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Posted: 15 May 2003

Check out the other suggestion sent by another reader.

I had a problem where volatile users were not being deleted upon logoff. Here's what I figured out.

Do NOT specify "favorites" in group policies. Disable this setting and your volatile users will be deleted when they log off. Specifying "Favorites" in group policies locks the index.dat file, preventing local profiles from being deleted without rebooting the computer.


Double click Favorites and Links on the right side of the page and a dialog box opens, deselect the top two boxes, and select the box titled "Delete existing channels, if present".

If you do have profiles that are not deleted on the machine, check out TID 10059171 (How to clean the Windows 2000 Group Policies delivered by ZFD3 off a Windows 2000 Professional Workstation).

Of course, the correct versions of patches, etc., need to be applied. Lastly, take a look at TID 10060417 (Dynamic local user policy does not work). That might help as well.

If you have any questions you may contact Dennis at

Other Suggestions


Create a batch file that does the following:

Error check to ensure H: drive exists, XCopy favorites to H:\Favorites (Create directory also), Change registry values to point favorites to H:

The local profile can then be destroyed without upsetting the users.

The whole thing can be deployed via NAL App. Note the registry values cannot be changed in the same object if the users do not have rights to the required areas of the registry, As the batch script needs to run with users rights. If anyone wants further details on this procedure, I am quite happy to e-mail the script and object details.

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