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Add Language Driver for Keyboard Layout to ZENworks 3.2 SP1 Imaging Environment

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By Mick Thorsten

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Posted: 30 May 2003

There are two files in the lang.tgz archiv located at \sys\public\zenworks\imaging\

( and

where the names are too long for copying to the Imaging Environment per zimgboot.

Here is the solution.

Step 1: Rename the files in the lang.tgz with shorter names.
( and (

Step 2: Fix the new name in your keymap like de.kmap.gz located at

The same problem exists in the build-script for all Imaging Environments (Disk, CD, PXE, ZEN partition).

EXAMPLE: # de-latin1.kmap: German keymap

# (Renamed from gr-latin1.kmap, since it is not a Greek map.)
# Some changes due to Olaf Flebbe (
# More changes by Jochen Hein <>.

keymaps 0-2,4-6,8-10,12
include "qwertz-layout"
	altgr keycode 16 = at
	altgr keycode 50 = mu
include "lx-with-alt-and-altgr"
	plain keycode  83 = KP_Comma
strings as usual

If you have any questions you may contact Thorsten at

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