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Locked Down Users and Printers

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By Bobby Ip

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Posted: 20 Aug 2003

We recently published this Q&A:

Question: Ken H. wrote: We are new to ZfD 3.2 on Version 5 servers and W2K Pro on our desktops. We are trying to develop a "locked down" environment by using the Dynamic Local User and making it a member of User. But the major drawback is with the "User" association, the user cannot install their own printers and manage them. Is there a way of doing this either through extensible policies or creating a new custom DLU member?

Response: OPEN CALL: Anyone have any suggestions for Ken? We know that Microsoft printing allows addition of printers if the user has user rights; but NDPS still requires Power User rights. If you can shed some light, we'd love to hear from you.


Create a ZENworks application object running under unsecured system user using this API call. This allows for additions of printers for locked-down users.

Run Line:

printui.dll, PrintUIEntry /il

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