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Posted: 23 Jan 2004

We recently ran this OPEN CALL in our Q&A, and here are some ideas we've gotten. If you have any other ideas for this, please let us know.

Question: Edwin S. wrote: I've heard there are problems (system hangs) with ZfD 4 installed on a Celeron desktop, because of the cache of a Celeron. Does this sound familiar? I cannot find anything on your website.

Answer: OPEN CALL: We've not heard anything about this one. ZfD4 runs on top of the OS; we've not seen anything to indicate any failures with variants of Intel P4, Celeron, P3 or, indeed, AMD processors.

Scott Leonard

I don't have Celeron processors in any of my machines but have discovered some type of problem where running ZfD 4 on Windows XP with Norton AV CE 8.1 hangs the logon process after the script for Novell has run. It seems to happen on Dell Optiplex GX110's and Latitude 810's so far that I've tested. Testing newer machines at the moment. This was discovered just as we were about to deploy ZfD 4 across our network. Turning off Norton's Auto Protect works but that's not a good idea.

Ron Reece

Regarding Scott Leonard's issue with 'lock-up' response for ZfD4, and Norton on XP. I'd suggest doing a 10 second delay on the ZENworks launch. We experienced a similar issue when launching ZfD2 from login scripts on Win95 with Client Access 400. It's been a while, different OS and applications, but the symptoms are similar. We've not had a problem since.

Joel Boyles

I have the same set of hardware/software setup (ZfD 4/Windows XP/Norton AV CE 8.1) with the exact same problem. I have bumped my Opti GX110's back to Windows 2000 SP4 and it has fixed the problem.

Sean McDonald

We have several Dell GX100 machines (Celeron 433) on our Network, usually running Windows 98se and containing 128megs of RAM. I don't think we've had any specific issues with ZfD 4.01 causing lockups/freezes on the GX100's. What we have experienced is that the combination of Antivirus, Novell Client, and ZEN makes for a SUPER SLOW computer when you have a Celeron CPU.

John Anvari

Celeron 533, 192 ram, ZfD 4.01, ZfD 4 agent, F-Secure Anti Virus, win2k sp3 with cln483 sp2, SSSLLLOOOOWWWW!!!! Was not great under ZEN 3.2 but was noticeably faster.

Joel Boyles

I had this same problem again, but this time with a Compaq Deskpro 6000. It was quickly fixed with a BIOS update. The latest BIOS doesn't seem to have an effect on the Optiplexes though. I have also discovered that this problem is user specific.

John Pohlman

We have Celeron 1.0 and 1.0A running on Intel 815EEA2LU motherboards, 256Mb of RAM, with Win2kSP4, Client 4.9,Nav 5.0 and Zfd 4.01 and have not seen any problems.

There are problems with NW6 SP3 and Client 4.8x or 4.9 if you do not have oplocks turned off on the server AND file caching disabled on the workstation. This is a client issue and has nothing to do with the level of cache in the processor (the 1.0 has 128k and the 1.0A has 256k) or ZfD 4.0/4.01.

Erik van Leeuwen

We are also having performance problems on our client CPU types are P4 P3 celeron all machine have more than 256 MB memory. Running XP en client 4.9 after installing ZFD4 agent system really slow down

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