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Delivering the Future of Policy-Driven Solutions

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Posted: 9 Jan 2004

Heads up: there's an excellent new business White Paper now available -- Delivering the Future of Policy-Driven Solutions. This is a good one to put in the hands of your boss. Here's an excerpt:

What if your organization could make timely, accurate decisions based upon strategic business intelligence, increasing your ability to achieve success, profitability and growth? What if your employees and partnerships could adapt instantly to changing business conditions? What if you could increase productivity through improved service levels and end-to-end business processes while simultaneously reducing costs? What if you could enable powerful, cross-company solutions while actually increasing your ability to respond to security issues and achieve compliance with governmental regulations?

Novell? Resource Management solutions, powered by ZENworks? technology, are laying the foundation to uniquely deliver upon these visionary concepts through significant advancements in the implementation of true Policy-Driven Automation and business integration.

The pace of your business is constantly increasing and the markets you pursue are evolving rapidly. All this change causes you to continually modify the way you do business, and as part of this challenge, your IT environment must evolve at the same rapid pace to meet your changing business needs. However, accommodating change is difficult because your IT environment consists of a wide variety of disparate systems, both tactical and strategic, where each system adds complexity and management burden to your organization.

Additionally, your enterprise likely experiences internal conflicts and boundaries (political, organizational, security and physical) that increase heterogeneity and make it even more difficult to create a unified IT infrastructure. Nothing seems to exist to solve these problems associated with rapid change, product limitations and heterogeneity. Even more significant is what is really needed?IT solutions that accommodate your business policies, rather than business policies constrained to the limited capabilities of your individual IT systems.

Download the PDF to read the whole story.

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