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Use KiXtart to Map Drives at Novell Login

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By John Haas

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Posted: 12 May 2004

Update: John added some more information in response to feedback he received from readers of this tip. See the Addendum below.

We have a homegrown app that resides on a Windows 2000 server. No domain. We have 120 users that have to map two drives to the server to get the executable and images it needs to view inmate information.

SOLUTION: I downloaded "KIXTART" and placed the files in the "PUBLIC" directory of the users NetWare server. I created a script called "QTLOGON.KIX" to map the drives for the user. However, there was a catch. I wanted them to use the same user name and password to logon to windows, not their Novell username and password.

Well, in Windows 98 through XP, you can run a "NET USE" command and append a user name and password at the end of the drive mapping statement. This will automatically log the user in as well as map the drives for them to the Windows server.

I created an "IF MEMBER OF" statement and placed it in their login script. I created two shares on the Windows 2000 server and associated the user I created with the shares. The script executed when the users logged into Novell and forced the drive mappings on their machines without user intervention. I wasn't worried about the password being seen because the users only had Read-Filescan.
[Editor's Note: putting the password in the script is generally a risky security practice. But as with everything else in Cool Solutions -- it might work just fine for you. Just be careful.]



Kix script:

USEUSE R: \\quetel\QUETETFILES /USER:barisntxp /password:baris11

USE U: \\quetel\IMAGES /USER:barisntxp /password:baris11


Net Use doesn't always work. It especially won't work with Windows 95 machines. I apologize because I should have been more thorough when posting the article. We have a mix of Win95-XP and I mean a big mix. Net USe will not append the user name and password to Windows 95 Machines. So I created a blanket script to do it for all machines through Kixtart.

As for using batch files to accomplish this, I had a problem with batch files because Windows 95-98 wants to use *.pif files instead of *.bat. *.bat files have a tendency to not want to close, and will hang on a 95-98 system. I didn't want the hassle, so I used Kix32 for all of it.

Like I said in the article, I didn't want the users to make any choices, so I used a KIX script. It's true I can run a batch file for Windows 2000-XP, but not for Win95-98. Another reason I hate batch files is that the user can see the username and password I used for the drive mappings. I wanted this to be hidden and out of sight. I didn't want to use a pif file either because I would always have to keep track of where the batch files were.

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