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Use Scripting to support Imaging Switches

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By Herbert Smith

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Posted: 23 Apr 2004

PROBLEM: When switches are fixed at 100 full or 10 full Linux auto negotiate will always bring up the NIC at 10 half or 100 half. Further the tool for fixing the issue is not available in Automatic Imaging mode (run level = 2).

SOLUTION: Use a little scripting in driver.conf and the mii-tool. For example:

insmod e100
if mii-tool | grep "100" ; then
  mii-tool -F 100basetx-FD
  mii-tool -F 10baset-FD

Update: this solution only works for Maintenance Mode imaging (Run level = 5).

Maintenance Mode unzips a utility.tar file which contains mii-tool and other supporting items. Putting just mii-tool in /bin is not enough, there is something else in the utility.tar that is needed.

The solution is to add a line in runme.s to unzip the utility.tar file. Then drivers.conf with the mii-tool enhancements will work and force the NIC to full duplex for both Maintenance mode and Automatic mode.

EXAMPLE: From runme.s add the following

If [ $RUNLEVEL = '2' ] ; THEN
    # Auto or Imaging
    # add the line below
    tar xzvf  /utility.tgz
    # end of changes
    imaging.s  boot
elif [ $RUNLEVEL = 3 ] ; then

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