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Adjusting a Refresh Rate that's Killing You

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Posted: 23 Apr 2004

We recently posted this Q&A, and have received another suggestion. If you have other ideas, let us know.

Question: Our refresh rate is killing us. It's causing extremely high utilization. Do you have any guidelines?

Answer: We heard of one instance where they changed the refresh rate setting from once a minute to once an hour, and their high utilization went away. In another case, they changed the refresh rate from 600 (ten minutes) to 7200 (2 hours), and their high utilization problem was resolved. Play around with your settings and see what you can live with.

Other Suggestions

Craig Wilson

Please ensure that "Disable Reading From Nalcache" is not enabled for users. Disabling "Read from NALCACHE" can create a significant load on server depending on a network. Also try to minimize tree walking during the NAL fresh by limiting the the inheritance level.

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