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Knowing which ZENworks Apps are Installed on a Machine

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By Les Honke

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Posted: 20 May 2004

I needed to be able to tell which ZENworks applications had been installed on a particular machine. We don't log to a database, just to text files.

I could search all the log files for a particular machine name. The information is also held within the HKLM/Software/Netware/NAL key in the registry, but is pretty deeply buried.

SOLUTION: We add the line below to the "Run after termination" or "Run after distribution" launch script, for each application object we want to log. Using ZENworks macros you can add any information you like to a local log file. In this case we are logging the distinguished name of the app, the version number, the date, time, and username of the installed into a file called applications.txt.

For "script engine location" we specified: %*WINSYSDIR%\cmd.exe /c

We can then review the applications.txt to see a list of all the app objects that have been run on that machine.


echo %*;DN% Version %*;zenappDisconnectedVersionNumber% was installed on %DATE% at %TIME% by %USERNAME% >> c:\support\applications.txt

creates an output line that looks like

.UpdateVirusDefs.Anti-virus.Applications.OurCompany Version 40209 was installed on 12/02/2004 at 9:25:18.29 by UserName

If you have any questions you may contact Les at

Other Suggestions

John Carter

We had a need to do something like this also and used the Reporting feature of ZENworks to write to a text file for sucessful install. We write this out to a network area so we can quickly browse the file and get a feel for who has installed the app.

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