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APPASSOC: Application Association Utility

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By Scott Blake

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Posted: 25 May 2004

Novell engineer Scott Blake has created a great new free tool. APPASSOC will associate an application object with a user, group, or container. It will also set the association flags as requested. Tuck this away in your toolbox. (See also APPCREAT.)


APPASSOC treename applicationObject associationObject [Flags...]

treename - name of tree

applicationObject - Fully distinguished name of application object. The leading period is not necessary.

AssociationObject - Fully distinguished name of the object to associate the application object with. The association object will be a user, group, organization, organizational unit, or a country object. The leading period is not necessary.

Flags - The flags are used to set which options you want enabled on the association. There must be at least one flag specified. The valid values are:

  • ForceRun
  • Launcher
  • StartMenu
  • Desktop
  • SystemTray
  • Workstation
    Used when associating application to workstation, workstation group, or container for workstations in that container.
  • QuickLaunch
  • ForceCache


Download APPASSOC from here.

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