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NwDsk: NetWare Boot Disk

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By Henk-Jelle de Groot

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Posted: 17 Apr 2003

Heads Up: Ever wanted to log on to your network and get files? And all this in DOS? Here's the solution -- a free NetWare Boot Disk called NWDSK.

NwDsk is a highly professional network boot disk for connecting to Novell NetWare servers. It is based on Bart's very fine piece of work: Network Boot Disk. presented here is the NetWare version of Bart's controling the configuring and loading of the NetWare clients. By adding a combination of ODI16 and/or ODI32 cabs and nic-drivers and protocol-cabs a highly capable ModBoot NetWare boot disk can be constructed.

To optimize Bart's ModBoot for the NetWare clients a couple of modifications need to be made. I choose to make these changes only on the end-product (the diskette) by script, thus preventing to have to create, maintain and distribute a parallel set of Bart's cabs for the NetWare client. So the original cabs of Bart's site can be used and are also distributed (with Bart's approval) in the complete packages.

Best features are:

  • Modular design (add/drop components as you wish)
  • Features 16 bit (VLM) and 32 bit (NLM) NetWare client
  • Supports TCP/IP and IPX/SPX protocol
  • Fully automated via menus
  • PCI nic autodetect (ISA nic autoload upon auto-detect failure)
  • Very easy driver plugin support
  • Fits on one diskette inluding nic drivers and add-ons
  • Basic diskette includes: MOUSE support, CDROM support, NTFS-readonly support, NC-clone, international KEYBOARD support
  • FreeDos supported (much lighter, much much faster, less compatible than MS-DOS: deserves a try!)
  • Absolutely free! When not using FreeDos you only need to add some MS-DOS files (covered by your own license)

If you have any questions you may contact Henk-Jelle at

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