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Easy Reporting of ZENworks Databases with ZENq

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Posted: 3 Jun 2004

Looking for more functions like customizing reports with history and connections to third-party systems? ZENq ?squeezes? out your ZENworks-database and writes out the results in xml format (like zenworks-snapin for ConsoleOne) with customized reporting.

In addition there is a history function of all queries. As required, an optional connection to third-party systems can be implemented (e.g. connection to your asset management system or other databases).


  • User-friendly GUI
  • Direct connection to your ZENworks database via ODBC-driver
  • Caching of all query results in a separate database
  • Customized reporting from the local database
  • History function of all queries and the data pool
  • Optional extra - different data base formats (e.g. MS Access, MS SQL)
  • Export of data pool in xml- and csv-format
  • Optional extra - connection to third party systems

The clear user surface makes it easy to choose the data pool you want to scan. Besides the given reports there is a free software search function.

The selected data is cached in an internal database. The history function makes it possible to get a detailed overview of all read-in actions and associated data, classified by date or workstation.


Download a 30-day eval from here.

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