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ENGL Imaging Toolkit for ZENworks 6.5 suite

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Posted: 20 Aug 2004

Heads Up: Check out the ENGL Imaging Toolkit for ZENworks 6.5, a turnkey solution that enhances ZENworks imaging and the automated deployment of Windows 2000/XP Professional desktops and laptops. The ENGL Imaging Toolkit for ZENworks 6.5 includes ENGL Zim 3.5, ENGL Ztoolkit 2.5 and ENGL Zwake 2.5 at a discounted price. Each product can be purchased and used separately, but when used together Zim, Ztoolkit and Zwake provide an end-to-end imaging, deployment and maintenance solution.

Well worth a look! This stuff has simplified life for many a ZENworks administrator.

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