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NCIMAN not properly writing an Unattend.txt file for use with the /ACU option

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Posted: 21 Sep 2000

We've come across a problem in Win95 Client 32 version 3.20 and 3.21. This bug deals with the NCIMAN not properly writing an Unattend.txt file for use with the /ACU option.


    The client has Win95 Client32 version 3.1x installed as IPX only. As there are 600 + workstations to upgrade we wanted to use the Client32 NCIMAN.EXE to create an unattend.txt file to install the new client with IP & IPX. We also wanted to preset the Service Location tab for static scope, static SLP DA options, set the Protocol preference order, name resolution order and other settings.

    While testing it was noticed that after the install and a reboot the client settings in network properties did not have the service location tab nor were the protocol prefernces set properly.

    This problem has been identified in that the NCIMAN.EXE in both the 3.20 and 3.21 win95/98 clients do not write two lines in the unattend.txt file to distribute the IPIPX protocols. This problem seems to only exist when upgrading an IPX only client to IP IPX client using the unattend.txt option. Normal installations are fine.

Work Around Fix:

    If you are using the /ACU /U:unattend.txt options and upgrading from IPX only to IP IPX client, edit the unattend.txt file or what ever name you have given it, to include these lines:



This fixed the problem and all settings were then properly installed. To find out more about this, see TID 10017868.

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