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Coordinating Rollout of Networked Database

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By James Romer

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Posted: 19 Nov 2004

PROBLEM: Rolling out a networked access database, that uses ODBC to talk to the back end tables but holds the front end forms on a local drive. Copying the local forms from a networked drive (easily updated and prevents creation of ldb files on networked drive) to the local drive before running up the program.

SOLUTION: Create three ZENworks application objects, one that is the shortcut to the mdb file on the local drive, the second one that installs the ODBC connection settings to the PC (created using snapshot) and the third one that copies the networked mdb access file to the local drive. These two applications are placed under the application dependicies of the first application setting to ensure they are ran before the shortcut to the access database is launched.

This is an easy and effective way to move shared mdb's of a network drive and automatically install ODBC connection strings.

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