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How to get Files from a Service Pack without Installing It

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By Marcus Breiden

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Posted: 10 Dec 2004

Wondering how to get just what you want from Interim Release (IR5) without installing the whole service pack? Marcus Breiden shares the secret (which can be adapted to all other service packs).

Warning: this should not be used to attempt to apply individual files as fixes: you won't get any support from Novell if you use it that way!

From time to time Novell rolls out new snapins or other needed files in a service pack. The problem with this is that you need to install the service pack to get to these files. At least that is what most people think. Not so!

With a little help from a nice .jar handling program (like Zipgenius) you can get the snapins (or any other files you need) from the service pack without installing it.

Let's take a look at the newest release of the ZfD 4.x service pack (or better yet, Interim Release 5).

Most people either want the ConsoleOne Snapins or the updated imaging files (linux.2 or the bootcd.iso). First things first...

  1. Download IR5.
  2. Unpack in a temporary directory.
  3. Browse to zfd401_ir5\zenworks\sfiles\InstallerData
  4. Open
  5. Make sure you can see the file names and the path completely.
  6. ConsoleOne is quite complicated. You will need to unpack the contents of the following files to the ConsoleOne\1.2 directory:
    1. All instances of ConsoleOne Components_zg_ia_sf.jar
    2. RMInv_zg_ia_sf.jar from the R_\Test\zfdsp4sp1\Bogus\zenworks\Products\RMInv\Console directory
    3. RM_zg_ia_sf.jar from the R_\Test\zfdsp4sp1\Bogus\zenworks\Products\RMInv\Console directory
    4. Inv_zg_ia_sf.jar from the R_\Test\zfdsp4sp1\Bogus\zenworks\Products\RMInv\Console directory

I hope I got all of them ;-)

To get the agents, grab hold of the agent inside
in the
R_\Test\zfdsp4sp1\Bogus\zenworks\Products\ZfDAgent\English (or German, or..) directory

To get the bootcd.iso, grab hold of it in
from the
R_\Test\zfdsp4sp1\Bogus\zenworks\Products\imaging directory

And of course there is a lot more in there.

Just keep in mind that the .jar files are really just archive files, so you can extract them and retrieve the information you need.

And please note: as with everything else at Cool Solutions, this is not supported by Novell, so if you make a mess don't blame me or Novell. Hope this helps some of you.

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