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Clustering NetWare 6 Production Servers without Losing Data

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By Michael Taylor

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Posted: 30 Apr 2003

When clustering servers with "production" data, how do you cluster them without risking loss of data?

  1. Add the Split Brain Partition to all servers that will be involved in the cluster, but do not provide security of individual "live" data volumes to all in the cluster.
  2. After installing clustering services to all servers involved, dismount all volumes and pools of all volumes that you intend to cluster.
  3. Use ConsoleOne to make all partitions that hold clusterable data "Sharable for Clustering" under the media tab of a server's properties tab.
    Important: You must make sure that the partitions that you mark as Sharable for clustering do not include volumes that you would like to continue to mount via "mount" commands in autoexecs or system console.
  4. After you have marked these volumes, you can test to see if the volumes will not load automatically, by rebooting the servers individually.
  5. If the volumes do not load automatically, open security of all partitions to all nodes in the cluster.
  6. Mount all volumes and activate all pools, then add them to the cluster according to normal cluster install procedures.

This will decrease your chances of data loss because clustering services will not allow partitions marked as "sharable for clustering" to load without manual intervention till the volumes are clustered. This way, no volumes can be mounted on two servers at one time, leading to no data loss.

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